"We were fortunate to have FFO help lead our camps for 5 years straight. They were such an integral part of our camp. They brought so much to the table for us each year. Their content was potent, relevant and always engaging (and by engaging I mean hilarious). They also were very involved off the stage too. They would hang out with students during the day and get to know them. That was priceless! They also contributed in our planning meetings too. They would help us plan out our worship services and were always flexible if we wanted to make a change or try something new. Brad and Jordan were incredible to work with and we cannot recommend them enough. Our students love them!" -Sean Walker, East Bayou Baptist Church

"Brad and Jordan are Godly men who live out what they teach.  They are talented actors who know how to illustrate truth in a relevant, powerful way.  'Far From Ordinary' is a perfect name because these two are extraordinary at what they do.  They are not just 'funny guys,' like many of the skit teams out there because everything they do is rooted and grounded in the scriptures.  I have found them to be as gifted in preaching the Gospel as they are in dramatizing it. We have invited them back to our Super Summer camps numerous times and plan on having them back again and again." -Leighton Flowers, BGCT Youth Evangelism Director



Large Student Conferences:

  • Virginia YEC (2016)
  • Texas YEC (2012, 2015)
  • Life Conference, St. Louis (2013) 
  • SBTC Student Evangelism Conference (2013)
  • Arkansas YEC (2011)
  • Louisiana YEC (2010)
  • Lives Ablaze Conference, New Mexico (2011-2012, 2015-2016)

Youth Camps

  • Camp Revo (2015-2016)
  • Texas Super Summer (Multiple Campuses) (2008-2013, 2016) 
  • Camp Copass (Denton, TX) (2010-2013)
  • East Bayou Baptist Church (Lafayette, Louisiana) (2009-2013)